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Pu’erh is a broad leaf tea grown in the Yunnan province of China. Leaves undergo a solid-state fermentation, oxidation, and aging process. The rich leaves produce a dark earthy brew. Unlike the common red tea, Pu’erh is a true black tea which is evident in it’s complexion and color. As Pu’erh ages, so does its value and taste. The dense tea leaves allow for multiple fusions and brewing, with each serving enriching the taste of the beverage. Regular consumption of Pu'erh tea is believed to promote a healthy heart, promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, increase energy, detox, improve bone health, reduce stress, and prevent illness.

Brewing Instructions: Use filtered water and bring it to boil (212℉). Portion amount of leaves according to kettle size and party (Recommended, 3 – 10g). Quickly rinse the tea leaves with the boiling water, in the tea pot that will be used for the preparation and pour over the tea cups that will be used to drink the brew (you may also rinse any accessories that will be used in the tea preparation). After the rinse, the first few infusions should be steeped for approximately 20 – 40 seconds (steep time should increase with more infusions). Be careful not to over steep the tea, as it will leave a bitter taste to the brew.

Recommended Style: Gongfu Method – small clay tea pot (Yixing) or bowl (Gaiwan) with clay tea cups.

Caffeine Content: High