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Health & Wellness

To achieve the complete state of mental, physical and social well-being, it is important to make the right choices for what’s best for your body, mind and spirit. Only through achieving the perfect balance of the three dimensions of being can an individual reach their optimal health.

True wellness is achieved by working towards the creation of a healthy environment and living a proper lifestyle.To help you on your path to health and wellness, consider this three-step guide:

Make a clear intention to change.

Upon assessing your current lifestyle, and realizing that you need to change for the better, decide right now that your goal is to achieve holistic wellness. Clarify your goals and your purpose for changing. Write it down and display it somewhere that you can regularly see like your workspace or your bedroom.

Set goals for every aspect of your life.

Holistic health and wellness involves making the best environment where your body, mind and spirit will thrive. In order to do this, create a list of your goals for every aspect of your being. This includes your goals to achieve healthy interpersonal relationships, financial stability, physical and mental health, intellectual and emotional growth, and spiritual alignment.

Create another list of the things that can help you achieve balance for all aspects of your life collectively. What makes you happy? What makes you feel alive? What are the things that you do that make you feel balanced? 

For some people, meditation or yoga, helps in overall balance since it helps you find your center. Wearing healing crystals can also help balance the chakras and banish negative energy

Tea is a powerful tool to help the body, mind and spirit collectively.  For instance, The antioxidants and nutrients found in Tie Guan Yin improve the body’s immunity, removes the toxins and cleanses the digestive tract, improve circulation and heart health. The Oolong herb found in Da Hong Pao help stimulate brain cells that results in increased brain functionality and declutters the mind. As for spiritual balance, teas likePu’erh promote calmness, reduce stress and induce healthy sleep, all needed for effective introspection.

Work towards your goals regularly.

It is important to always be reminded of your goals, so you can regularly assess and reassess your progress and practices. It only takes 66 days for a practice to become a habit, so make sure you stick to your goals and soon enough you won’t need to be reminded to always make the right choices for your body, mind and spirit. 

Remember that health and wellness is not a destination that stops once you get there, rather it is a continuous journey.